About Us

Immediate Care of Goldsboro opened its doors on December 28,1997. This came from the physician community’s desire to have a quality walk-in clinic for patients who do not have a primary care physician or could not wait for an appointment. The Emergency Physicians of Wayne Memorial Hospital were approached with the concept and established Immediate Care. This facility is owned and operated by Dr. Terry Grant, Dr. Tom Knutson, Dr. Lloyd Smith, Dr. Kirk Jones, Dr. Daniel Drotts, Dr. Craig Soltis, Dr. Hervy Kornegay, Jr., Dr. Steve Moye and Dr. Bryan Geer. All of these physicians are board certified in Emergency Medicine.

Board Certification is America’s standard for excellence in medical care. Immediate Care also employs certified physician assistants Bridgett Buckman, Jose Maldonado, Jeremiah Montgomery, Jeff Pitta, Misty Rouse, Ashley Slate, Rufus Williams, Melissa William, Stacy Hill, Ryan Hoover, Newman, and Dennis Isenhower.


  • Immediate Care of Goldsboro: providing immediate care by certified emergency physicians who are closely aligned with the medical community of Wayne County.
  • We will provide high quality health care that acknowledges the patient is our reason to exist and that his/her time is valuable.
  • We are committed to improving the health of our community and will actively promote wellness and prevention.
  • Immediate Care of Goldsboro is founded on the firm belief that the patient deserves the highest quality of care at a fair cost in a friendly environment.